Logomarca do Contas Abertas
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“(Contas Abertas) is in fact extraordinary. It goes in the direction of the maximum openness of information as means of State accountability.”
Cláudio Weber Abramo
President of Transparência Brasil

“It’s a brilliant goal!”
José Cruz - Sub-editor of sports
Correio Braziliense (newspaper)

“Contas Abertas has helped many journalists to understand and inform society about public expenditures. This initiative is a progress.”
Miriam Leitão
TV Globo / CBN
(television network / radio network)

“Contas Abertas represents the access to the Integrated System of Financial Administration (SIAFI) of Brazil’s federal government. We may now say that the website is definitely consolidated and that all the future years of this country’s life shall be more transparent.
Contas Abertas is a reality.”

Rudolfo Lago

“(Contas Abertas) is one of the best recent initiatives”
Marta Salomon
Folha de S. Paulo

“Contas Abertas stands for one of the most important current initiatives with the purpose of promoting the right to access public information. As for journalists, it has been a precious stone. Without the presence of Contas Abertas, several stories would not have been published in the Brazilian media.”
Fernando Rodrigues
Folha de S. Paulo

(See below a testimonial by Fernando Rodrigues)